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Colombian Youth Philharmonic

Founded in 2010, the Colombian Youth Orchestra is a social initiative led and sponsored by the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation, which has been able to unleash the boundless energy and passion of Colombian youngsters and their families, together with the contributions of the education institutions, working toward the common goal of an artistic and social project which has become a nationwide model. In this way, the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation ratifies its commitment to the transformation of Colombia, supporting the artistic and social fabric through music as an asset belonging to all and intended for all.

The Colombian Youth Philharmonic establishes ties with various national and international institutions. Through its alliance with the YOA Orchestra of the Americas, it maintains a solid relationship with teachers of the University of Minnesota, the University of Kansas, Ball State University, Minnesota Orchestra and New York Metropolitan Orchestra. Since 2014 the orchestra has been able to establish a series of valuable relationships with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra the Vienna Philharmonic and the Reina Sofia Music School in Madrid, with which we have a musician exchange agreement in place.

The young scholarship holders of the Colombian Youth Orchestra have had the opportunity to study with renowned teachers and musicians, such as Sarah Chang, Joshua Bell, Andres Orozco-Estrada and Salvatore Accardo, among others, The group has made performed at several globally renowned music halls, including Sao Paulo, the New World Center in Miami, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston.


Will perform on

Saturday, 13 January 2018

07:00 PM

El estilo clásico Concierto de cierre SEE CONCERT