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Colombian Youth Philharmonic

The Colombian Youth Philharmonic was created by the Fundación Bolívar Davivienda conceiving the efforts of a whole country to create an unstoppable force that inspires more than 300 thousand young musicians. This carefully selected group of talented individuals is a representation of musical excellence and quality. Most importantly, this world renowned orchestra is a source of national pride that is contributing to building a better country one note at a time.

Throughout its tours, this orchestra has delighted thousands of people on some of the world ́s best renowned venues, playing an ambitious repertoire and sharing its passion with well - respected international artists. The Fundación Bolivar Davivienda has supported the dreams of hundreds of young musicians. It’s a great social and cultural movement demonstrating that, by working wi th passion and dedication, we can reach a professional level compared to the best orchestras in the world.

Since it was founded, the Colombian Youth Philharmonic has strengthened the professional development of the best young musicians in the country, ch osen through a rigorous selection process that focuses on talent and passion, as well as on the motivation to proceed with musical careers in the future.

This dream orchestra, founded by the Fundación Bolívar Davivienda, has played alongside renowned v isiting directors, talented soloists and more than 150 guest musicians from the most important national and international orchestras. These highly recognized individuals have offered their experience and knowledge in these unforgettable performances in ord er to help forge the new promising artistic careers of the young musicians of the Colombian Youth Philharmonic.

The Colombian Youth Philharmonic has been recognized as one of the best of its kind by critics, international media, and influential musicians around the world.

Each young musician of the orchestra represents creativity, joy, passion and discipline; values that make us unique and lead us to achieve the unimaginable.


Will perform on

Saturday, 13 January 2018

07:00 PM

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