Center of Luthiery and Wind Instruments

The Fundación Salvi has faced the challenge to fortify a job that has little recognition in Colombia: the profession that is dedicated to the building, the reparation and maintenance of musical instruments.


Starting from 2011 the foundation has inverted important efforts in Luthiery, it’s accreditation and professionalism, by means of the program of the center of Luthiery and Wind Instruments ( before it was the center of maintenance and reparation of Musical instruments).

Initiative of the Program


The initiative is lead by a group of Italian masters and from its initiation it has counted with the support of the Ministerio de Cultura, entity within the framework of the Plan Nacional de Música for the coexistence in charge by  the Fundación Salvi the construction work, maintenance and reparation of instruments in the country. In 2015 the Fundación Mario Santo Domingo joined as a sponsor and an ally of the program, with the aim to start musical development in Colombia. Until 2014, the Foundation Fanny and Luis Carlos Sarmiento was the benefactor of the program.

The objective of the center of Luthiery and Wind Instruments is to form a cohort of high quality professionals through technical teachings and Luthiery knowledge, under the baton of international masters. Combining the educational plan of Luthiery with a strategy that permits those to apply what they learn on the instruments that require technical attention as an exercise to facilitate, on one hand, the recuperation of deteriorated instruments and, in the other hand, the consolidation of learning in the context of Music teaching in  Colombia.

Since 2008, the framework of the international Cartagena music festival has accomplished clinical reparations of musical wind instruments and broken strings, expositions and Luthiery workshops. In 2016, during the tenth edition of the Festival, ten clinical maintenance and reparation of Musical wind instruments and broken strings were accomplished, a workshop of bagpipes and  drum building, a luthiery workshop for children, the exposition “La Música antes de la música”, y three conversations of preventive maintenance. As a whole, 100 instruments were built and there were 139 reparations.



The center of  Luthiery, in the framework of the Festival, they took to four municipalities of Bolivia the clinic of maintenance of wind instruments, to benefit the bands of the region. By any means, the workshop of building bagpipes and drums that will enlighten those in attendance about traditional music of  the Caribbean coast. Additionally, the exposition of our school, “La música antes de la música”, will present, for the first time, guitars and violins as a result of the course of building these instruments. The centers are a project of the Fundación Salvi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, in the framework of the Plan Nacional de Música para la Convivencia. Since 2015, the project counts on the decided support of finance of the Fundación Mario Santo Domingo.


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