Peregrino String Quartet


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    The Youth Philharmonic of Colombia, a social innovation laboratory led by Fundación Bolívar Davivienda, presents the Cuarteto Peregrino (Peregrino String Quartet), composed of outstanding current and former members of the orchestra, as part of the 16th edition of the Cartagena Music Festival. The Bolivar Davivienda Foundation thus ratifies its commitment to the transformation of the country by supporting the development of the artistic and social fabric, accompanying young artists in their professional projection in music, as creative entrepreneurs and agents of change.

    The Peregrino Quartet is a young artistic bet that responds to the concern and common interests of its members in opening new cultural spaces and paths that allow the positioning of chamber music as a professional life option in our country.

    Its members are young artists who, besides sharing an overflowing passion and professional training as chamber musicians, are leaders and cultural managers in their territories seeking to develop and enhance their various initiatives and musical projects.

    The Cuarteto Peregrino made its debut at the First Popayán Chamber Music Festival (Cauca, 2021), teaching the students of the festival and participating in its closing concert.

    Its name alludes to the constant wandering that artistic life entails, that coming and going in search of the artistic moment, but above all the insistent spirit of taking music to every place where the public cannot come to meet them.