Maria Angelika Carlsen


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Maria Angelika Carlsen comes from Nesodden, lives in Oslo and is principal 2. violin in the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra. Maria is very comfortable in the middle of the big symphony orchestra sound, and simply loves being able to accompany a good soloist and help shape the music together with the orchestra, to evoke moments and to be completely present in the present.

Maria graduated from Norway’s Academy of Music, where she had Detlef Hahn and Peter Herresthal as teachers, and in these years found Ensemble Allegria together. This chamber orchestra has taught her to think for herself, and challenges her time and time again to become a better, more listening, flexible and patient musician.

Moments she will never forget are being a soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, winning the audition for her first job in the SSO, the first time she played in Barratt Due’s Junior Orchestra as a 10-year-old (it was so INCREDIBLE fun!), playing Schubert’s Ninth Symphony without a conductor with KORK, Bach’s fugues that were played in the family home in the old days, and when Allegria opened the Oslo Chamber Music Festival with a string symphony by Mendelssohn, with eyes closed.