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Finalización de temporada de conciertos osc 2020


En este mes de octubre la Orquesta Sinfónica de Cartagena cierra sus actividades académicas y artísticas del 2020, con el lanzamiento de 3 conciertos virtuales que hemos llamado “Un viaje musical”; en el que la música nos transportará a través de los años y las leguas de Europa a América.

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La Orquesta Sinfónica de Cartagena presenta en concierto virtual: "Érase una vez en América" del compositor Ennio Morricone


Con gran entusiasmo, en la Orquesta Sinfónica de Cartagena queremos invitarte al lanzamiento de nuestra primera producción musical de forma virtual, donde presentaremos la obra Érase una vez en América, del compositor italiano Ennio Morricone y en los arreglos de Aurelio Zarreli, que podrán disfrutar el domingo 30 de agosto a través de nuestras redes sociales.

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Orquesta Sinfónica de Cartagena protagonizará, por primera vez, Cineconcierto en el Ficci 2020


Los músicos interpretarán, este viernes 13 de marzo, fragmentos originales de películas colombianas que harán parte de este importante encuentro.

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Center of musical experiences

Educational programs

Master Classes

Since 2006, the Cartagena Music Festival offers the Master Classes Program. This initiative seeks to strengthen the development of music education in Colombia, as well as generate meeting spaces between artists of international stature and the Colombian academic music community.
This program offers the country's musical community classes with the leading international artists invited to the Festival. A significant percentage of the participants (students and teachers) receive mobility grants managed by the Festival and its allies, through an annual call that seeks to support Colombian talent with guarantees.

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Youn Talents

Through this program, young Colombian performers between the ages of 18 and 26, with a broad artistic career, are selected through a public call at a national level for their musical excellence and experience. The objective of this program is to have outstanding emerging musicians with great talent as guest artists of the Festival, generating a recognized space to project their career. Since its appearance, the program has had a profound impact on the momentum of their artistic careers at the national and international levels.


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Within the framework of the Festival, efforts continue to be made for impulsive activities, such as the instrument and underwear clinics, the construction of bagpipes and drums, the loudest fight for children and the setting up of a new version of the instrumental exposition The Past News of Music. As now, rely on a higher construction of unconventional instruments, based on recyclable materials, in a request to research a craft of environmental awareness. The Lutheran Instrument Center, a Salvi Foundation project, in agreement with the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation project, will be responsible for this series of activities.

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The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra

The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra (OSC in Spanish) is a musical social project supported by the Ministry of Culture, Mayoralty of Cartagena, the IPCC, the Port of Cartagena Foundation and the Salvi Foundation. It is a program aimed at citizens of Cartagena linked to a musical education process in the city.

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Production Fellows

This program, sponsored by RCN Televisión, supports students and graduates in audio production, visual arts, and related areas offering them a learning space at the Festival. Together with the Festival's production team –led by Italian and Colombian experts–, the fellows prepare themselves to face a demanding production scenario by applying the knowledge acquired in their academic training.

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