Aurelio Zarelli



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Pianist, composer, arranger and conductor Aurelio Zarrelli was appointed, last March 2021, director of the Giovanni Battista Martini Conservatory, the most important conservatory in Bologna. He graduated from the same institution in piano (Prof. L. Proietti), Fugue and Composition (Maestro I. Vandor), Conducting (Maestro M. Benini), Choral music and choir conducting (Maestro T. Gotti), Electronic music (M° L. Camilleri), Music for use (Maestro E. Ballotta) and has a wide experience as musical supervisor in film projects.

His orchestral works have been performed in national and international contexts. He has published for the BMG-Ricordi and Bixio labels. For the Cineteca di Bologna he has conducted live soundtracks for silent films. As an arranger and conductor he has made numerous collaborations in the field of contemporary music, pop and jazz (collaborations with M. Tamburini , Jovanotti). As a pianist he has performed in important concert associations both in Italy and abroad, especially in Latin America.

He has made recordings for RAI and Radio UNAM in Mexico City. He teaches “Orchestration and Arrangements” and “Composition for music applied to images” at the Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna (three years of applied music and two years of film music), professor at the Jazz Department of the Conservatorio Venezze in Rovigo and until 2015 he was professor in the two years of applied music at the Conservatorio Frescobaldi in Ferrara.