Chopin’s and Zarebski’s Chamber Music


January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) - 4:00p.m.

Juliusz Zarebski (1854-1885) was born in the Polish town of Zytomierz. After graduating, he was able to continue his piano studies with Franz Liszt in Rome. It is said that he was one of Liszt's favorite pupils. After completing his studies, he pursued a career as a soloist, touring throughout Europe. Most of his important works were written in the last two years of his life. Although most of his compositions were for solo piano, his Piano Quintet, presented in this concert, is considered one of his best works and one of the most important in his catalog.


Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Frédéric Chopin: Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 8

Juliusz Zarebski (1854-1885 )
Piano Quintet in G Minor, Op. 34




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