The 17th Century and the opera: from Monteverdi to Händel



Wednesday, June 30th at 9:00 A.m.

The 17th century saw the birth and popularization of the opera. Although Jacopo Peri composed Euridice in 1600, which is considered the first opera in history, Claudio Monteverdi's L’Orfeo (1607) is the oldest opera that remains part of the contemporary repertoire of the world's great theaters.

In this conference-concert, the Italian musicologist and pianist Giovanni Bietti explores the development of the opera since its birth and the elements that would make it such a popular genre not only in the 17th century, but in the centuries to come. His didactic and entertaining style will be accompanied, as always, by his performances on the piano.

These sessions will be the educational component of the Festival and will be free of charge for music students from Cartagena. Besides, they will be broadcast on different platforms so that the national and international audience can also be part of this edition.

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All of the events at the Getsemaní Auditorium are FREE OF CHARGE with prior registration. The registration will be open from June 20th, 2021.




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