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Today, we need your support

Dear friends,

In this difficult context, we express our solidarity with every social sector of our country; we hope to rise soon from this adversity that has left thousands of affected people all over the world. Besides, we join the clamor of all artistic sectors to express our concern for the well-being of our community. One of our most urgent priorities is to continue our projects. These projects impact hundreds of young people from Cartagena and other Colombian regions. Since its conception, the Salvi Foundation has put its efforts into promoting music and culture in a country painfully beaten by the Armed Conflict. In these circumstances, we have to recognize that the artistic world was the first to collapse at the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic. Diverse artistic processes in the country are now in the midst of uncertainty, doomed in complex economic crises, and our annual educational programs and festivals are not the exception.

Therefore, we call on all the sectors of the country to support a world as necessary as the artistic one. Making a donation of any value will help us to continue all of our projects, projects that also belong to the thousands of Colombians that every year attend our Festivals, Master Classes, Lutherie Centers, Harp Lecture and the events of our beloved Cartagena Symphonic Orchestra.



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