Andrés Roa


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Andrés Rosa was born in Popayán in 1986. He began his piano studies with Marist Brother Antonio Ospina and continued them with the prestigious maestro Manfred Gerhardt.

He has been awarded in the competitions for young performers of the Bank of the Republic -Luis Ángel Arango Hall- (2004) and the French Alliance of Bogota (2007).

In 2009, Roa gave a recital at the festival “La Colombie à Paris” invited by the French Alliance of Paris, and has been a frequent guest at the festival of religious music in Popayán.

In 2015, he was commissioned the premiere in Colombia of the ‘Yellow River Piano Concerto’ by Xian Xinghai, conducted by Cecilia Espinosa and the EAFIT Symphony Orchestra. Recent highlights also include his participation as soloist in the ‘Beethoven 2023 Cycle’ with the New Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Ricardo Jaramillo.

Andrés Roa has also been intensely active as an accompanying pianist, where his repertoire is particularly wide-ranging.

He obtained his degree as a pianist at the Universidad del Cauca under the direction of Manfred Gerhardt and works as a professor at that institution. In 2015 he completed his master’s degree in performance at the Universidad Eafit with Blanca Uribe, and is currently studying for a doctorate in Human Sciences at the Universidad del Cauca, researching the life and piano work of the Colombian composer Antonio María Valencia.