Colombian Composers with European Influences


13 of January, 2024 (Saturday) - 11:00 a.m.

IIdeally divided in two parts, this concert presents, in the first part, the most academic piano works by Antonio María Valencia: Piano Suite and Sonatina boyacense; along with other pieces for solo piano. In the second part, some movements of the Suite for violin and piano, Op. 13 and the Romanza, always for violin and piano, by Daniel Zamudio will be heard.


  Antonio María Valencia (1902-1952)
Suite para piano
Sonatina boyacense

  Manuel María Párraga (1835-1906)
Bambuco, op. 14 «Aires nacionales neogranadinos»  

  Julio Reyes Copelo (n. 1969)

  José Domingo Córdoba (n. 1971)
Pasillo «El Intachable»                 

Luis Carlos Figueroa (n. 1924)
Sonata para violín y piano en re mayor

  Daniel Zamudio (1887-1952)
Romanza for violin and piano


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